Dream Vacation Magazine: 12 Best Virginia Beaches

colonial beach va

Even long before bridges made them easy to reach, Virginia beaches were attracting tourists from Washington D.C. and other communities on the eastern coast. Virginia offers something for everyone – the lively attractions of Virginia Beach, the quiet and protected sands of Assateague Island with its wild horses, the constantly changing sandy spit of the Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve, the playgrounds and live music on Buckroe Beach, or the warm and quiet waters off Cape Charles Beach. There are beaches on the Potomac River, such as Colonial Beach, while others are in Chesapeake Bay, where the warm, protected waters are perfect for family outings.

Virginia Coast: Colonial Beach

Colonial Beach is a charming small resort town on the Potomac River, famous for its 2.5-mile long beachfront. The town developed as a resort destination for the people from Washington D.C. in the early to mid-20th century, and is the only town with a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean as well as Chesapeake Bay. The town has rich history and some very notable former residents, but the biggest attraction is the beach. It is hard to believe that the beach is actually on the Potomac River, which is 6 miles wide at Colonial Beach. Parallel to the beach is the famous boardwalk, where most of the tourist life happens. Besides swimming and sunbathing on the beach, you can rent a kayak and paddle the river’s calm waters, watch the ospreys in their nests, fish from the long pier, or watch the boats passing by from one of many riverfront restaurants.