Virginia Travel Tips: 12 Gorgeous Beaches in Virginia That You Need to Visit

virginia beaches

Virginia doesn’t have a huge amount of coastline (only 112 miles), but what we do have in the state is jam-packed with gorgeous beaches and a plethora of things to do. These are the best beaches in Virginia.


Colonial Beach on the Northern Neck Peninsula in Westmoreland County

Colonial Beach is a beach town located in Westmoreland County on the Northern Neck Peninsula in Virginia. This beach is not an Atlantic Beach and not completely a Bay one either- it is bounded by the Potomac River, Monroe Bay, and Monroe Creek.

Interestingly, Colonial Beach has the second-largest beachfront in all of Virginia and it is worth visiting if you’re looking for a unique place to relax on the water and an area with an immense amount of history (George Washington’s Birthplace is here and James Monroe’s is located nearby).

The best thing about Colonial Beach is that it is a great day trip from Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Washington DC.

There are many fantastic places to visit in the state, but these beaches in Virginia definitely are all worth checking out if you’re a nature lover.

Virginia gets some amazing sunsets and being on location at one of the gorgeous beaches is the ideal way to marvel at them!

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