Cover photo: Susan Pietras-Smith

Only approximately 65 miles from Washington DC or Richmond, the Town of Colonial Beach, Virginia (CBVA), offers a welcome respite from the traffic, noise and frenzy of city life. Home to the second largest public beach in Virginia, located on the Potomac River, CBVA gives river and beach lovers quick and easy access to coastal life.

A favorite aspect of Colonial Beach is its designation as a golf cart community. Though cars and trucks are not prohibited, the speed limit in Town is just 25 m.p.h. Golf carts are street legal and available for rent, thus a popular mode of transportation in the 2.6 mile town.

Colonial Beach events Halloween

Photo: Susan Pietras Smith

Halloween events Virginia

Photo: Susan Pietras Smith

Themed golf cart parades are held throughout the year, including the upcoming Annual Halloween Golf Cart Parade held during the Annual Fall Festival.



Golf carts can be rented at Beach Cart Rentals and Custom Cartz, both located on Colonial Avenue as you come into Town. Many residents own their own golf carts and spare no expense customizing it to suit their interests and tastes.

CBVA’s most famous golf cart is our Virginia is for Lovers #LOVEworks sign! Instagram-worthy and right on the beach!

Colonial Beach Virginia LOVE

Photo: Chris Militzer, Miliman Photography

Sports Fans: New England Patriots/Boston Red Sox (left), Washington Redskins (center), Nascar’s Dale Earnhardt (right)

golf cartsgolf cartsgolf cart

Patriotic Golf Carts: Semper Fi and God Bless America!

golf cart golf cart

Golf Carts That Work: Paddle Board, Taxi, Limo Golf Cart

golf cartgolf cart

Earth (palm trees!), Water and Fire

golf cartgolf cartgolf cart

Bright, Fun Colors

golf cartgolf cart

They Don’t Make’em Like They Used To!

golf cart

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