The West End Mom: An Easy Beach Trip: 5 Beaches less than 2 hours from Richmond

beaches near richmond

With Memorial Day & summer days headed our way, we are looking for ways to stay cool! When traveling with kids, we usually can’t take a day trip that requires 2 or more hours in the car without a lot of pit stops. Luckily, Virginia has a bunch of lakes & rivers that are much faster to get to than driving to the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

Here are 5 local swimming beaches that are family-friendly & less than 2 hours from Richmond.


Colonial Beach: Located about an hour from Richmond, this beach is on the banks of the Potomac. While this beach gets crowded on summer days, we can usually find street parking before 10 in the morning even on weekends.

We like this beach because the waves are small, so it’s perfect for children and families. It’s the second largest beach in Virginia, and there are a bunch of fun things to do around it. Colonial Beach has over 20 restaurants, and the boardwalk has shops & a golf cart LoveWorks sign on it. We like eating at Dockside Restaurant & Tiki Bar, and the outside patio is family friendly. There’s sand under the tables – my littles loved playing in it while we eat.

*Colonial Beach is less than 20 minutes from Westmoreland State Park. It has trails and beaches, including the popular Fossil Beach.

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