Family Destinations Guide: One of the Best Beaches Near Washington, D.C.

Located within a 90-minute drive from Washington, DC, Family Destinations Guide has named Town of Colonial Beach, Virginia (CBVA), one of the 15 Best Beaches Near Washington, D.C. — Closest Lake & Ocean Beach Spots.


Colonial Beach is about 1 hour and 27 minutes away from Washington, D.C., by car.

Why We Recommend This Beach
Colonial Beach is a great choice when it comes to the safest beach for kids in the area. It has a gentle surf that young children will enjoy wading in and has a vast stretch of sand for playing.

And since it’s on the Potomac River, you also get tons of beautiful river views.

Expert Tip
Colonial Beach is near the Town Pier. If you and the kids get tired or need a break from the beach, just head on over here for other recreational activities that might tickle your fancy.

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