11 Secret Beaches Perfect for Social Distancing on the East Coast

east coast beaches

Do social distancing the right way this summer with these hidden East Coast beach towns that are perfect for your next getaway vacation.

Are you worried about pandemic safety when you’re at a popular beach on the weekend and you’re umbrella-to-umbrella with fellow beachgoers? On most East Coast beaches, there is no alternative.  Even if you arrive early and find a perfect spot, in an hour or two, you will be so close to families arriving later that social distancing is compromised. But, there are still a few secluded beaches on the Atlantic Ocean where you can find privacy in a beautiful beach town.

These “secret” beaches aren’t really secret. They are well-known by locals but rarely frequented by tourists. Some are in state parks or owned by conservation trusts dedicated to preserving coastal land to provide habitat for threatened species. Others are simply local, out-of-the-way beaches untouched by development.

So pack a lunch and plenty of liquids, and program your GPS for one of these eleven out-of-the-way beaches that time has passed by.


Colonial Beach, Virginia

At the top of the list is one of the oldest beaches but still uncrowded beaches in the nation. It’s just 90 minutes or so from Washington, DC or Richmond, VA, and located on the Chesapeake Bay in the heart of Colonial Beach, Virginia– sharing the name with the beach itself. Both George Washington and James Monroe were born nearby, making this not only a beautiful vacation spot, but a historical as well.

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