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A Farmers Market Guide


Farmers markets are a mainstay of local communities. They’re a perfect weekend destination: a place to pick up groceries, grab a coffee, buy some flowers and interact with your neighbors.

But farmers markets can also be a little…well, intimidating. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, particularly in larger markets. If you’re not mentally prepared for a bustling and sometimes chaotic experience, you may end up leaving empty-handed, dreaming of all the fresh fruit and veggies you could have brought home.

These days, farmers markets aren’t just a grocery stop on your weekend errands list. With live music, coffee carts and local vendors, they’re a shopping experience, a lunch outing and an all-around social occasion. Here’s how to make the most of your next trip.

Karen Grisevich and her husband, Doug, founded GrowRVA, a string of established and pop-up farmers markets throughout central Virginia. GrowRVA connects local farms, food and arts with communities in and around Richmond, Virginia—as far north as Colonial Beach.

To Karen, farmers markets are social events—a place to slow down, relax and experience all the senses.

“In a time when everyone is busy, glued to their electronics and rushing everywhere, your local farmers market is the perfect place to reconnect with the community, family, friends and nature,” she says.

“Whether you are shopping for fresh foods and homemade products, out with your family for the morning, meeting a friend for coffee or just needing an outdoor fix, a farmers market is the perfect place to connect!” says Karen. “You can ask farmers about their growing practices. Talk to the bakers and artists about how they got started. Discuss recipes and taste samples. Learn to appreciate what is in season, and support local businesses.”

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