The Crazy Tourist: 15 Best Beaches in Virginia

colonial beach virginia


The Atlantic seaboard of the USA is blessed with some lovely beaches, even if the waters may lack the warmth of some more exotic holiday regions of the world. The proximity of beaches in Virginia to densely populated areas made the State attractive to holidaymakers long before air travel became so common. The smell of the sea adds to the fun of feeling the sand between your toes. If you want a great family day out, head for the beach. Virginia is blessed with many fine stretches of sand, often comfortably sheltered from the elements. Crowds might gather at the more popular beaches at weekends, spring break, and during the summer weeks, but you can find tranquility if you seek it. If you are after some tips on the best spots of shoreline to take a break, check out this list of the 15 Best Beaches in Virginia for inspiration.

Colonial Beach, Westmoreland County

Colonial Beach is a 2.5 mile stretch of sand in front of the small resort of the same name. It was popular with Washington D.C. residents from the early 20th Century – although there is much history associated with the town, it is the beach that is its main attraction. Sunbathers and swimmers flock to the sandy shore, others stroll along the boardwalk, fish, sail or keep their eyes open for ospreys. Restaurants are plentiful, so there is everything a family might need for a great holiday by the Atlantic and the Potomac River.

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