Beachcomber Cottages Featured in Recent TurnKey Article

Photo courtesy of Beachcomber Cottages

When TurnKey was looking for owners of vacation rentals to comment on the Best Cleaning Tips for Vacation Rental Homes, we suggested they speak with Cathy Bokman, who owns five of them in Colonial Beach, Virginia!

Cathy Bokman has been the owner and managing partner of Beachcomber Cottages vacation rentals since 2011. As a beach town, her five cottages are booked solid during the summer and shoulder months–and subject to sand and surf trekked in from the shores.

“Providing a clean and comfortable home for vacationers is something we take very seriously,” says Bokman. “Owners need to realize that they are creating ‘memorable experiences’ for their guests, not just renting out real estate.”

Bokman offers these tips for other vacation property owners:

• Establish standards of cleaning so that cleaners understand what is expected.
• Choose experienced cleaners.
• Maintain supplies at a 2.5 par level for efficiency and to keep the supply level as expected.
•.Have new cleaners work with the existing team to learn the expectations; inspect their initial cleanings and make revisions where needed.
•.Conduct periodic inspections so that the cleaning team knows their efforts are appreciated and that quality is important.

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