Is anything more refreshing on a hot summer day–especially National Ice Cream Day–than ice cream? And, somehow, ice cream tastes better at the beach! Here’s where to get it:

brownie sundae


Ice Cream Hut has a location just outside Town of Colonial Beach, but also a second location on the Boardwalk. How decadent is this brownie sundae?! Go ahead, it’s worth it.



Nancy’s Ice Cream is the quintessential ice cream shop, with lots of fun toppings to choose from–and how cute is this place?!

ice cream

Photo: Debbie Van Ells-Jones Biemeck


Go big or go home! Sure you can get simple soft serve at Willey’s Road Stove, but why not indulge with a Root Beer or Orange Cream Float?

ice cream float


For the time being, Denson’s Grocery has ceased scooping ice cream from its walk-up window, but you still might be able to grab sweet, creamy treats, including Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches.